How to Clean Your Leather Strap?

What do you need for a leather strap cleaning? You will need to gather some liquid soap, water, and an old toothbrush. This guide will show you how to clean your leather straps with these three items.

This blog post is about how to clean the straps on your leather watch bands. There are many reasons why people might want their straps cleaned: they could be stained from sweat or dirt, smell bad due to bacteria buildup, have been in contact with chemicals that get absorbed into the material, etc. Whatever the reason may be for wanting leather straps cleaned--this article is here help!


5 Steps to Clean Your Leather Watch Straps

  1. Remove the strap from your watch and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe off both sides. Doing this will ensure any trapped dirt will not scratch the leather in the next step.
  2. Then, dampen — do not soak — a jewelry cloth and apply a tiny drop of mild hand soap or saddle soap to the cloth (about the size of half a dime). Do not aggressively rub the leather back and forth; instead, use tapping movements and move in a gentle circles, applying light pressure and paying attention to spots with dirt. Gentle soap is best, because harsher soaps can strip the leather.
  3. With another damp cloth, gently wipe the leather clean. Don’t use too much water, as it can cause damage to the leather.
  4. Give the strap plenty of time to fully dry before wearing it again.
  5. Condition the leather with your favorite leather oil or conditioner to soften and protect it if you want to.

 After Cleaning, we recommend that you condition your watch strap. Just like how our skin needs to be moisturised, our leather strap needs some TLC. 

Conditioning Leather Watch Straps

 After Cleaning, we recommend that you condition your watch strap. Just like how our skin needs to be moisturised, our leather strap needs some TLC. Without conditioning, the strap may feel somewhat stiff. It will soften over time as leather being porous, will absorb oil over time and become more flexible. 

We recommend applying a small amount of leather oil or conditioner to your watch strap. Do take note not to apply too much product or too frequently. Less is more when it comes to conditioning your leather.

By conditioning your leather strap, it helps to keep  your strap nice and supple. It also can be beneficial in preventing cracking in the leather — something that occurs when the leather losses its natural lubricant.

Note that using a leather oil may darken the color of your leather band slightly, so check to see what your conditioner product says about darkening, and then spot test on the underside of the strap first. Follow the instructions of the particular leather conditioning product you purchase for best results.

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May 25, 2021 — Adeline Low