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Minerva Box Leather Strap

Experience Italian Artistry: Minerva Box Leather Watch Straps

Elevate your timepiece with the exquisite touch of Minerva Box leather, a luxurious material renowned for its natural beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.

A Legacy of Excellence

Minerva Box leather is a vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather produced by the Badalassi Carlo tannery in Tuscany, Italy. With centuries of tradition, Badalassi Carlo is celebrated for its commitment to environmentally friendly practices and exceptional leather quality.

Distinctive Characteristics:

  • Natural Beauty: Minerva Box showcases a unique, natural pebbled texture, each hide carrying its own unique markings and character.
  • Rich Patina: This leather develops a beautiful patina over time, deepening in color and developing a unique character with wear.
  • Supple Comfort: Despite its durability, Minerva Box is remarkably soft and supple, offering luxurious comfort on your wrist.

Minerva Box Leather Strap

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