Luca Canvas Nylon & FKM Rubber Hybrid Performance Strap Blue

$39.90 USD
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  • *THE PERFECT CHOICE: Crafted from Carbon Fibre Nylon and top-grade rubber with exquisite craftsmanship; our straps are soft & flexible.
  • *VERSATILE FOR THE GYM & OFFICE: Combining the flexibility of our core with a high-quality calfskin upper layer, our Hybrid Performance Watch Strap offers high performance during intense activity with a carbon fibre nylon look. Whether you're doing an intense workout at the gym or at a formal meeting or function, this is a strap that fits right in alongside your premium wristwatch. Come with buckle pin and butterfly deployment clasp options for more convenient wear.
  • *CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Our Hybrid Performance Strap has gone through many rounds of development to come up with the perfect convex, segmented design of the rubber to ensure maximum breathability against the skin.
  • *BREATHABLE & SWEAT RESISTANT: Our straps are specially designed with a rubber core that ensures constant ventilation and breathability for your wrist. This allows moisture to quickly evaporate making it comfortable & dry on your wrist.
  • * COMFORT IS KEY: Say goodbye to itchiness, rashes, or irritations with this premium watch band replacement which is soft, durable, and fits nicely on your wrist! Our watch bands come in 3 sizes: 20mm, 22mm, 24mm.

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