Marine Nationale Nylon Watch Strap Black (Tudor Replacement)


The Marine Nationale Strap is a modern day all-season sidekick for your timepieces with rich history in its origin. Made from highly elastic nylon, inspired by the elastic parachute braid webbing used by the French Marine Nationale in the 1950s. It fits all wrist sizes effortlessly with a whole load of style to boot. 

We have used a type of nylon that is stretchy but not too stretchy, so your watch will sit placed as tight on your wrist as you want to. The size of the strap is very easy to adjust because of the elasticity of the webbing and the adjustable keeper that locks the buckle.

Overall Length: 260mm

Thickness: Approx: 1.8mm

Material: Elastic Nylon Webbing

Buckle: Brushed Stainless Steel 316L

Suitable for wrist between 6.5 to 9 inches (165-228mm)