Waffle Rubber Watch Strap Orange

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Waffle Rubber Watch Strap is inspired by the Seiko ZLM01 Waffle Rubber Watch Band. Our Waffle Watch Band is made by applying the waffle design with additional advanced tooling to create an enhanced pyramid profile, highly reflective and visible Waffle. The new proportion of Waffle and grooves allow buckle holes to locate properly without breaking the Waffles. Our Waffle Watch Straps are lightweight, water-proof, dustproof, and made to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures and chemicals. A unique retainer designs hold the watch band keeper in place without losing its flexibility.

Our Waffle Rubber Watch Strap is great for outdoor or diving activities or just giving a watch a slightly edgy look. 


Overall Length: 130 +80mm

Thickness: Approx: 3.00mm - 4.00mm

Material: Rubber

Lug End Style: Straight End

Buckle: Polished Stainless Steel 316L